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I have done quite a bit web design work here and there, for projects or for work. Below is a history of my work.


CampusConnect [1st prototype]   [2nd prototype]
This is my master project, which I did most of the implementation work. Knowing it is often difficult to find like-minded partners of similar ability levels for most activites, we implemented this system to facilitate the partner matching process. The targeted audience is the UC Berkeley Campus population. So as you can see, we've given the site a blue and gold theme. :) Go Bears!


Project site for
  User Interface Design and Development

CampusConnect serves as our course project as well. Here is the project site to keep track of the project progress. It includes personas, scenarios, competitive analysis, prototypes, usability tests, heuristic evaluation and such.


Software Development Process/Standards
A study project I did for the MBA course New Product Development Process.


Anrol International/House of Elegant is a health food campany which has 2 stores in the Bayarea. Carol, the owner of the store who wanted to computerized her stores operation and have a website to showcast her products and let customers put orders via email. That was a very interesting experience for me as I had to plan everything from scratch, from ordering computer, to find the right POS/Bookkeeping systems to setup the server/database, and build the website.


Doctor's Apps
This is my senior project. Client is the doctors from the Medical Department of MSU. The system allowed doctors to keep track of patients' portfolio and to lookup drug interactions. It also allowed patients to access their own portfolio and update it if needed.


Online Bidding System
An ebay kind of system created in ASP/SQL Server. Course project for database system Class. The professor made it interesting by creating a rotation system. Each group had to create specification after meeting with the client(the prof), then passed it along to another group to create the design document. Finally, each group implemented a third project based on the designed document obtained from another group.


Hong Kong on the Web
An introduction of places to visit in Hong Kong. It was done by html and little bit of JavaScript. My first attempt on creating a website...


last version of my website
Just for me to keep track, and for your curiosity.


last, last version of my website
Again, just for me to keep track and in case you are curious...

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