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Welcome to Swallow Forest!
Finally a new version of homepage in place...Do check out all the sections, and there are more to come! :) Here is my little blog if you are interested in my day-to-day updates in the future. For now, below is my quick August update...

August was a very busy month indeed. Finally manage to find a piano teacher and started my piano lesson early August. Then I spent couple weekends to do my piano hunt. Finally settled with a Roland HP-103. It is a great digital piano, and it looks very beautiful! [here]

Lots of clean up, and moving things with Yiu moving out here. I guess he finally cannot tolerate Rochester, MN anymore. But who can after living there alone without family, nor many friends for 3 years? And after all, nowhere else in US has nicer weather than California :) So it's good he's finally here.


Last updated September 18, 2005
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